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Welcome to
Orchard Park Equestrian

Orchard Park Equestrian provides integrated courses of learning through exploration, scrutiny, and self-reflection.  Our instruction methods combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching.  Take a look at our offerings and contact us to learn more.

First Steps

Please click the link below to read and sign our safety information and waiver in preparation for your visit.

Kids Riding Horses


Canter Confidence

Enrich life with horse lessons, fostering responsibility, confidence, and a deep connection with nature. Riding instills discipline, teamwork, and a love for animals, laying the foundation for lifelong skills and unforgettable experiences.

Ready Riders


A fantastic inexpensive way for your child to get an overall understanding of farm life and working with horses. They learn how to tack, ride, groom, and connect with horses. They also participate in multiple skill-building exercises to prepare them for the highest levels of riding performance.


Private Lessons


Our private lesson program is the most efficient way to develop the best riding skills in the shortest amount of time. Experience one on one training time to gain an intimate understanding of how horses work and interact with humans.

OrcharParkEquestrian @ QuakerField I
OrcharParkEquestrian @ QuakerField II
OrcharParkEquestrian @ QuakerField III
OrcharParkEquestrian @ QuakerField IV
OrcharParkEquestrian @ QuakerField V
OrcharParkEquestrian @ QuakerField VI
OrcharParkEquestrian @ QuakerField VII
OrcharParkEquestrian @ QuakerField VIII
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