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Dressage Horse

Rules and Regulations

  1. Important safety and general information:

    1. For safety reasons no smoking on the property.

    2. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances are to be used on the property.

    3. Dogs are not allowed on premises without the owner's (Istvan Hernek) written consent.

    4. ASTM-approved helmets and approved footwear (boots with heels) are required for everyone while mounted.

    5. No jumping without permission, except for during your lesson.

    6. Boarder contact information must be kept current to include vet, farrier, and insurance paperwork.

    7. Anyone handling, grooming, or riding a horse in this facility must complete and sign a rider release before handling or riding.

    8. All new horses brought into the barn must be up to date on all vaccines, worming, and coggins. Documentation must be provided to the owner (Istvan Hernek).

    9. Horses may not be left unattended.

    10. Every effort will be made to call the owner in the event of injury or illness; unless it is life-threatening and then your vet will be called

    11. Only Orchard Park Equestrian trainers are permitted to give lessons on the property.

    12. Any boarder or person who will be jumping must be enrolled in our lesson program.

    13. No jumping in the ring being used for lessons unless cleared with all trainers

    14. All jumps or obstacles must be put away after use

    15. All manure must be cleaned up before leaving the arena or crossties

    16. Lease must be evaluated by OPE trainer before riding outside of lessons

    17. No jumping outside of lessons for any lesson student on school horses.

  2. Board

    1. Full care board hay, feed, supplements, and shavings are to be supplied by the owner. Please mark your containers with your horse's name. Feed bags must be dumped into your provided container.

    2. Board is due on the 25th of the month. $35 late fee on all board paid after the 1st of the month. $35 fee on all returned checks.

    3. For Checks please add a $15.00 handling fee.

    4. Unless otherwise stated; only staff can hay or grain full care horses.

    5. Stall cleaning, bedding & turnout (weather permitting) is daily, (except on certain Holidays) for full care boarders

    6. Please give 30 days written notice of your intention to vacate.

    7. The barn does not supply water buckets, grain buckets, fans, heated buckets, or snaps. If needed you will be charged at the market price for the item.

    8. Full board blanket changes will only be provided at the following temperatures:

    9. Light -- 50-40 degrees

    10. Medium - 40-30 degrees

    11. Heavy - 30-20 degrees

    12. Changes will be made based on the average temperature for the day.

    13. If your horse causes damages to any property, building, or equipment not related to daily wear and tear, it is the barn management's discretion to require compensation for repairs.

    14. One halter, one lead rope, one blanket, one bottle of fly spray/show sheen, and one bridle are allowed on your stall doors. All other tacks must be stored in the tack room or your tack boxes.

  3. Scheduling

    1. Vet, farrier, and lesson schedules will be posted in the main barn.

    2. All lessons must be scheduled 24 hours in advance and posted. Failure to attend your lesson without providing 2-hour notice will result in a lost lesson fee. no compensation will be provided for lost lessons.

    3. The holding fee is a $5-dollar charge per hour.

  4. Worming

    1. All worming is at the owner's expense and based on fecal count per farm vet and our worming schedule

  5. Barn etiquette

    1. OPE works hard to maintain the property, please pick up after yourself, and your horse.

    2. There is to be NO riding on the grass.

    3. Please be respectful of boarders, riders, and barn staff. This means no gossiping and no pushing, shoving, or placing your hands on someone else at any time.

    4. Do not ground tie your horse in the aisle.

    5. Use halters and lead ropes when handling horses.

    6. Only seasonal items to be hung on stall doors (sheets/blankets/fly spray).

    7. Scheduled lessons have the right of way, please yield to jumping horses.

    8. There is absolutely no running in the barns at any time.

    9. No children in the hayloft unless the parent is there watching. Children are all under the age of 15.

    10. All doors (stall doors, isle doors, isles, etc ... ) are to be left clear at all times.

    11. No phone usage while mounted for any reason.

    12. All children are to be accompanied by an adult unless another arrangement has been made. Children are all those that are under 18 years of age.

  6. Farm Rules

    1. All manure must be dumped in the manure bay immediately. Please do not leave wheelbarrows with manure in them for any period whatsoever.

    2. Please leave chains up always.

    3. Only farm-approved stall guards may be used.

    4. Stall Guards may be used only while the owner is present.

    5. Grazing horses are only allowed in designated areas.

    6. Only farm authorized personnel are permitted to tend to horses.

    7. No driving or parking on the grass.

    8. Bedding, feed, and hay must be stored in designated areas at all times

    9. All walkways and wash stalls must be cleaned after each use and after feedings

    10. Manure must be picked up immediately after arena use or on-farm property except for the paddocks.

    11. Please wash and groom horses in designated areas only.

    12. No unattended horses or turnout in arenas without permission.

    13. Parking on the East side of the lower barn only.

    14. $10.00 fee for stalls cleaned by OPE

    15. Self-care boarders, and stalls must be mucked once a day minimum. If you don't have time to clean your stall our staff will clean and we will bill you for the cleaning.

    16. Horses must be on lead or cross-ties when in the barn and must be on a lead or under saddle in all arenas. Absolutely no turnout in arenas.

    17. Do NOT turn out, move, or work with another's horse unless an agreement has been made between you and said horse's owner and cleared with the barn manager with written consent. Except in the case of an emergency and the owner fails to show up.

    18. All tack must be neatly kept in the designated tack room for each barn.

    19. Do not use other riders' equipment without permission.

    20. No loose horses in the riding arena when others are in the ring.

    21. Proper safety gear is required when on the back of a horse on the property.

    22. No jumping without any other adult in the ring.

    23. No mounting horses in their stalls, in the lower barn, or in the isle of the upper barn.

  7. Rules and Tips for Parents

    1. No communication with the rider during the lesson. Their focus is important for safety.

    2. Support of coach/trainer during lesson. Hold any questions until the lesson is completed

    3. Ask immediately after the lesson what the student has learned

    4. Oversee the accurate completion of the student's journal

    5. Encourage continued discussion of the lesson throughout the week

    6. Assist in scheduled exercises throughout the week

    7. Prepare the student for the upcoming lesson stressing the importance of following the instructions given by the coach/trainer

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