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Handling /Leasing/Guest/Agent/Release:

I, the equestrian rider and/or owner of the horse(s) or visitor of QuakerField Equestrian (Orchard Park Equestrian) indicated below acknowledge that I participate voluntarily in the general riding, handling, lessons and competitions as well as participating in the physical exercise programs acrobatic programs and aerial work needed to build the proper skills, strength and balance for riding in any or all of our programs; I am fully aware that horse sports and the general riding, handling, lessons and competitions as well as the physical preparation’s for this sport mentioned above involve inherent dangerous risks(i.e. brain, spinal, damage and multiple other forms of injury that may result in death) and by participating I expressly assume any and all risks of injury or loss. I am completely responsible for my own safety in all circumstances as there are many potentially hazardous situations with noises from bangs and various equipment around the farm, such as tractors, drags and all other sorts of machinery, I agree to hold harmless orchard Park Equestrian at QuakerField, its owners, heirs and assigns harmless for any injury or loss suffered during or in connection with the horse industry and sport, whether or not such injury or loss suffered during or indirectly from the negligent acts or omissions of the property owners. Please note that New York State is a Ride At Your Own Risk State, for more information please look into bill A 1513.





1) I have read and understand the above, and agree to abide by the barn policies and rules


2) I am aware and agree that photos videos and recordings will take place frequently and may be used at any time by Orchard Park Equestrian at Quakerfield. Some examples of their usage may be promotional products such as flyers, magazines, advertisement, TV spots, radio spots, movies and Social media platforms productions.


3) I agree to the “Important safety and general information:” from above.


4) I have read and agree to the terms of: Handling / Leasing / Guest / Agent / Release.

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